Extrusion of Polymers

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Chan I. Chung, 3rd edition, 10/2019, 512 pages, in full color

The author presents single-screw extrusion technology together with the relevant polymer fundamentals, with an emphasis on screw design. The presentation begins on a physical level, providing an in-depth conceptual understanding, followed by an analytical level with mathematical models. Practical applications of the mathematical models are illustrated by numerous examples. A brief description of twin-screw extrusion technology is also presented.
New in the third edition: a novel patented barrier screw design that eliminates shortcomings of all previous barrier screw designs, more descriptive specific screw design guidelines, a scientifically designed pineapple mixing section, and general improvements and corrections.

•    Physical Description of Single-Screw Extrusion
•    Fundamentals of Polymers and Melt Rheology
•    Theories of Single-Screw Extrusion and Scale-Up
•    Screw Design and High Performance Screws
•    Gear Pumps, Static Mixers, and Dynamic Mixers
•    Die Design
•    Viscoelastic Effects in Melt Flow
•    Special Single-Screw Extruder with Channeled Barrel
•    Physical Description of Twin-Screw Extruders 

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