Mold Engineering

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Herbert Rees, 2nd edition, 06/2002, 712 pages, soft cover

Stepped guidelines are supplied for the design of molds, from product drawing to complete mold assembly. Emphasis is given to the relationship between mold performance, productivity, and mold life. Contents: Mold Engineering. Basic Mold Functions. Requirements. General Guidelines. Plastics Identification. Layout. Molding Operation Sequences. Shrinkage. Surface Tolerances. Gates and Runners. Venting. Ejection. Cooling. Heat Expansion. Stack Molds. Materials Specifications. Plates. Metal Fatigue. Screws. Parts Handling. Air and Oil Hydraulic Actuators. Rules and Calculations for Designers. Mold Performance and Life. Frequent Questions. Cycle Time. Wall Thickness. Product Size and Shape. Crystallinity. Forces. Preload. Wear and Lubrication. Hobbing-In of Parts.

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