How to make injection molds

How to make injection molds

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Georg Menges, Walter Michaeli, Paul Mohren, 3rd edition, 05/2001, 632 pages, soft cover

Economic success in the plastics processing industry depends on the quality, precision, and reliability of its most common tool: the injection mold. Consequently, misjudgments in design and mistakes in the manufacturing of molds can result in grave consequences. This comprehensive handbook for the design and manufacture of injection molds covers all aspects of how to successfully make injection molds from a practical as well as from a theoretical point of view. It should serve as an indispensable reference for everyone engaged in mold making. Contents:

· Materials for Injection Molds

· Mold Making Techniques

· Estimating Mold Costs

· The Injection Molding Process

· Design of Runner Systems

· Design of Gates

· Venting of Molds

· Heat Exchange System

· Shrinkage ...